We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Campbell’s Sweets Factory TV Commercial Spot! It’s exciting that this project has finally come to fruition, and we’re pretty happy with the results! Take a look and let us know what you think!

Here’s the transcribed script of the video:

“At Campbell’s Sweets, we’re proud of our Cleveland heritage, proud that our story began 40 years ago with my (Jeff Campbell) dad’s Karmel-Korn shop. We’re continuing his legacy!
Because today, Cleveland loves Campbell’s gourmet and specialty popcorn, and our fresh, hand-dipped chocolate treats. Some say our house-made cupcakes are the best in the country!
Visit our family at Campbell’s Sweets in Ohio City, Lakewood, the Historic Westside Market and CampbellsSweets.com!”

“Discount… say what?!”

Yes, you read that right: thanks to our new website-update we can now offer coupon codes! As a big “welcome” to the new CampbellsSweets.com, we wanted to kick it off right by celebrating along with our customers and offering a discount of 25% off your orders, now ’til June 1st! All you need to do is use the code NewSite2016 at checkout.

Go use it in the SHOP now!

We’re still really excited about the enhancements to our new Campbell’s website, and we’re looking forward to showing you all some new-releases soon, such as new products, fundraising options and more!

Enjoy the promo-code, and check back soon for more!

We’re excited to announce that CampbellsSweets.com has undergone an update! Soon, we’ll be making even more enhancements to our new Campbell’s platform, so stay tuned for all kinds of exciting features, such as coupon codes, online-fundraisers & more!

For now, click-around and check out the new site; or, you can order our good ‘ol Gourmet Popcorn (which hasn’t been updated, by the way; still the classic recipes you know and love)!

Get your dad what he really wants this Father’s Day. A tin of gourmet popcorn! Better than a tie. #campbellssweetsohiocity#campbellssweetslakewood

Did you know Lemon and German chocolate cupcakes are now available everyday?
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