Campbell’s Sweets Shop

West Side Market Location

In 2004, Campbell’s came to the Westside Market to launch their own candy & popcorn dreams. With roots in the Karmelkorn® franchise shops, and inspiration & recipe-ideas from his father, Amos, Jeff Campbell wanted to bring his sweet-creations to customers in the venue of the Westside Market. In just a few short years, Campbell’s went from a small candy-stand to featuring two stands with sweet treats: Campbell’s Popcorn Shop and Grandma Campbell’s Cupcakes.
Now (as of 2016), Campbell’s has “squeezed” their entire product-line of gourmet popcorn, cupcakes & chocolates into one Campbell’s Sweets Factory stand, found at C-13 in the Westside Market. While the business has grown over the last 12 years, we still hold-true to the same original recipes of our fresh-baked cupcakes, hand-dipped chocolates and gourmet popcorn!