Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake

Rich chocolate and real cream cheese flavor this decadent cupcake.

(NEW!) Local delivery

We take a lot of pride in the taste, freshness, and quality of our cupcakes, and are thus unable to ship them. BUT, now you can now use UberEATS to order for local delivery to select locations! Just select our Ohio City or Lakewood location on the UberEATS website or mobile app!
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Delicious chocolate cake with scrumptious cheesecake filling—topped with chocolate-chip cream cheese frosting, making this decadent, rich cupcake a real favorite!

Additional Information

In stores only

At Campbell’s, we take tremendous pride in the taste and appearance of our products, and we want you to be able to enjoy them exactly as they were intended. Unfortunately, the shipping process can take quite a tole on our delicate cupcakes, so for now they are only available to purchase in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Campbell’s cupcakes last?

While we recommend that you eat your cupcakes on the same day that you purchase them, they will last up to 3 additional days. Some customers have even told us that they have eaten our cupcakes a week after purchase, and they were still moist and fresh.

Can I freeze Campbell’s cupcakes?

While we wouldn’t recommend that you freeze Campbell’s cupcakes, if you require a longer term storage solution, you may freeze them as long as they are in a freezer safe container, or ziplock bag.

What’s the best way to store Campbell’s cupcakes?

We recommend that you do not store Campbell’s cupcakes in the refrigerator as this could dry the product out. Rather, we suggest that you place your cupcake(s) in an air-tight, sealed container at room temperature.

If I can’t purchase Campbell’s cupcakes online, where can I get them?

We make a variety of year-round, seasonal, and monthly flavors of cupcakes. Each are available to purchase at any of our physical locations.


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