French Toast (“Summer Flavor Fest” Limited Edition August Flavor)


Sweet maple flavoring combined with cinnamon & sugar; we’ve just created your perfect excuse to have popcorn for breakfast! Available online for a limited time only as part of our “Summer Flavor Fest”!

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Product Description

It’s our Summer Flavor Fest at Campbell’s! We’re trying out a bunch of new popcorn flavors over the Summer months and giving YOU the chance to weigh-in on what you think! Visit our Facebook page to take part in our live poll; we’re looking for your feedback to see which flavors we’ll be adding to our menu roster!

Check out these great flavors now through August and visit our blog for more details on how to weigh in on the fun!oll!


  • Cherry Cola Popcorn Reminiscent of the classic fountain drink, our Cherry Cola is a refreshing flavor for summertime snacking! 
  • Butter Kettlecorn – Our classic Kettlecorn is being kicked up a notch with more delicious butter flavor; a must try!  
  • Mango Habanero Popcorn – The sweet tartness of mango citrus combined with the kick of real habanero spiciness makes for a delicious summer snack!


  • Root Beer Float Popcorn – A delicious candy-coated flavor made with pure cane sugar, sweet vanilla cream and classic root beer flavor!
  • Hawaiian Pizza Popcorn – The combination of smoked bacon and sweet pineapple will wow your tastebuds with this cheesy-pizza inspired flavor!
  • Cherry Cheesecake Popcorn – Decadent white cheese combined with the tart of sweet cherry; it’s popcorn for dessert!


  • Chocolate Covered Banana Popcorn – One of Summer’s classic treats takes on popcorn-form in this delicious popcorn flavor, made with real cocoa!
  • Ranch Popcorn – The zest of classic ranch seasoning—with real garlic, onion and parsley—make this fan-favorite chip flavor a win for popcorn!
  • French Toast Popcorn – Sweet maple flavoring combined with cinnamon & sugar; we’ve just created your perfect excuse to have popcorn for breakfast!

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Product Attributes

Non GMO Popcorn Seeds, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Whole Grain

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my online order to ship?

The time it takes to fulfill an order can vary depending on it’s size and complexity, however we try to ship all orders within 2-3 business days, and while we are often able to ship orders out the same day, we cannot guarantee this with every order, particularly with popcorn tins which are filled with fresh popcorn to order. During peak times, such as major holidays, it may take 1-2 business days longer to fulfill an order; keep this in mind as you plan your order. If you need us to expedite the fulfillment of your order, or are concerned about getting your order shipped by a specific date, notify us in the “Order Notes” section during checkout and we will do our very best to ship the order within your time constraints!

Do you have more information available on shipping questions?

Yes! Check out our full FAQ’s Page to answer all your shipping-related questions, such as transit times, PO Box addresses, order-tracking and more!

Why do some flavors of Campbell’s popcorn weigh more than others?

All of the bagged varieties that we sell on the website are our half-gallon size, which contain roughly 7-8 cups of popcorn. They range in weight from 3.8 oz to 8 oz. The weights vary depending upon the coating on the popcorn. Flavors like caramel corn, for example, weigh more due to the heavier candy coating than would cheese-corn or jalapeño popper which has a lighter coat.

What is the best way to store Campbell’s popcorn?

To maintain freshness, we recommend sealing Campbell’s popcorn in an air-tight Tupperware or Rubbermaid container. You can also use a standard chip-clip to seal your popcorn in its original packaging once it has been opened. However you choose to store it, do not place the popcorn in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or in a moist environment.

How long will Campbell’s popcorn stay fresh?

While each flavor of popcorn is different, typically if the product remains sealed in its original packaging, it will last two months or longer. However, conditions such as the storage environment and humidity may affect the shelf life.


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