Classic Campbell’s Gift Basket


Best-selling flavors of popcorn, coffee & cookies decoratively packaged in our new striped tapered gift box!


Campbell’s has the gifts you’re looking for! Our gourmet products are more gift-able than ever in our popular, decorative, gift basket arrangements. We have a variety of gifts for a variety of budgets, and with our delicious products carefully arranged in each hand-assembled basket, your recipient will feel the care and appreciation crafted into any gift you choose to send!

Each “Classic Campbell’s” Gift Basket includes this delicious combination of products in our striped, tapered gift box:

Note: Because our “Classic Campbell’s” gift basket is made to order, order processing might take an extra 1-2 business days beyond normal processing time as explained on our FAQ’s page. Thanks for your understanding!

*Products of equal or greater value may be substituted.

*Bags included are our Regular-Size bags and contain approximately a half-gallon/8-cups of popcorn by volume

Additional information

Weight3.6 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 9.5 × 15 in

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my online order to ship?

The time it takes to fulfill an order can vary depending on it’s size and complexity, however we try to ship all orders within 2-3 business days, and while we are often able to ship orders out the same day, we cannot guarantee this with every order, particularly with popcorn tins which are filled with fresh popcorn to order. During peak times, such as major holidays, it may take 1-2 business days longer to fulfill an order; keep this in mind as you plan your order. If you need us to expedite the fulfillment of your order, or are concerned about getting your order shipped by a specific date, notify us in the “Order Notes” section during checkout and we will do our very best to ship the order within your time constraints!

What if I want different flavors or packaging arrangements than allowed by default with your gift items?

If you’d like to substitute a flavor or some other miscellaneous change for your gift-arrangement, just let us know in the Order Notes during checkout! However, bear in mind that any changes to the default arrangements of our gifts could potentially delay the processing of your order; but as always, we’ll do our best to get you what you want, as soon as possible!

Can I send my gift order anonymously?

Yes! Since the only piece of information we include within ANY order is whatever you choose as a “Custom Message”, leaving it “blank” will mean the customer will receive a default “Enjoy your gift!” message, or something to that effect. However, if it is of even greater concern to remain anonymous, just let us know using the Order Notes during checkout!

Will the recipient see any billing information with my gift-order?

No; the only piece of information we include in ANY order is whatever you choose as a “Custom Message”, utilizing this feature at the time of checkout. Any information you wish the recipient(s) to be aware of will be conveyed via this custom message option only, so if you wish for them to know who sent the gift, be sure to include “From: Your Name” somewhere within the message!

Do you have more information available on shipping questions?

Yes! Check out our full FAQ’s Page to answer all your shipping-related questions, such as transit times, PO Box addresses, order-tracking and more!


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